Are you surrounded bij conflict and judgement when it comes to your family? Do you recognise dysfunctional behaviour in yourself and do you want to change this?
    Great chance that you are a Cycle Breaker!

    Hi I am Gina,

    Nice to meet you, “Cycle Breaker 9.0” here and I got you. I am like a mama, with the difference that I am a little bit cooler and more fun. On top of that, I will patiently and softly guide you, as the Cycle Breaker of your family, through the healing and transformatition of your generational trauma’s. We can do this.

    By the way this why my dear internet nieces and nephews call me their:  “Transformational Auntie”.

    What is a generational trauma?

    In my opinion and from experience, I can state that every problem is rooted in a generational trauma. Which refers to emotional, mental, fyiscal, spiritual and cultural damage that is passed down from one generation to the next.

    Because the effects can manifest in a variety of ways in your life, I am passionate about creating one-on-one mentorship and online programs so I can lovingly walk you through your healing journey. I also organise amazing retreats.


    This one-on-one mentorship is a three month program for those who want to dive deep on all levels of their being. It is about reprogramming what is programmed, rewriting what is written and accepting this as the new normal.


    My online programs are 9 weeks of selfstudy. Transformational journeys of regaining clarity and rediscovering your inner strength and inner wisdom. You will learn to trust your authentic gifts and honor your sacred truth.


    If you love to be pampered during your transformation, this amazing retreat is for you. Seven days of emotional -, mental -, fysical -, spiritual – , cultural healing to transform your mothers and fathers bloodline and for the generations to come.

    Testimonials of the brave and powerfull

    Those who stood in the face of trauma and said: “this ends with me.”
    And who were ready and willing to do the work.

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    To be, is to do.

    Immanuel Kant

    1, 2, 3 Action!

    I am  like a mama, because I got you. The only diffrence is that I am a little bit cooler and more fun. On top of that, I will patiently and softly guide you through your discomfort in service of healing your inner wouds.


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    The symptoms and effects of a generational trauma can vary depending on the individual and the specific traumatic experiences they or their ancestors have gone through. Some common symptoms include: mental health issues, substance abuse, and difficulty forming healthy relationships.

    Others are:

    • Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Physical health issues such as chronic pain, heart disease, and diabetes
    • Difficulty forming healthy relationships
    • Substance abuse and addiction
    • Difficulty trusting others
    • Difficulty regulating emotions
    • Difficulty with attachment and bonding
    • Difficulty with self-esteem and identity
    • Difficulty with making decisions
    • Difficulty with expressing emotions
    • Difficulty with vulnerability
    • Difficulty with intimacy
    • Difficulty with resilience

    It’s worth noting that not everyone who experiences or inherits generational trauma will manifest all or even any of these symptoms, and some may manifest other symptoms not listed here.

    It can also be passed down through cultural, social, and familial dynamics, leading to a cycle of trauma in a community or family.


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