Holistic Retreats


I invite you to my retreat to take a journey within yourself to transform ancestral patterns and generational traumas. Where? In Surinam, my home country. “Mama Sranan” aka Mother Surinam, will make you feel at home, from home.

Mama Sranan

Is on the northeastern coast of South America, bordered by Guyana in west, French Guiana in east, and by Brazil in south.

Mama Sranan main temperature is 25°C-27.5°C throughout the year, perfect for your retreat.

My retreats

Whether this is your first healing journey or one of many, my retreats are open to everyone who is interested in diving deep and peeling of layers in a beautiful and serene location at Plantation Resort Frederiksdorp.

A former slave plantage where you can heal, relax, rejuvenate and connect with nature.


Your customized retreat will meet your individual needs and preferences. It will bring clarity in the most profound questions which already pulsate within you.

Like what is the purpose of life? Why certain traumatizing events happend to you? Why you were not protected? And how to transform negative ancestral patterns and heal generational traumas?

Holistic therapy

I combine aspects of traditional talk therapy and non-traditional approaches, such as: hypnosis, intuitief coaching, past life regression, inner childwork, ancestral work, shadow work, nature walks, creative expression, journaling, massages.

I might even order you a cocktail. Virgin if neccesary.

My retreats are for

Are you suffering from child abuse, have you lost a loved one? Grief over an abortion of miscarrige? Or aren’t you able to find a suitable partner, low self esteem,  who want to develop their spiritual growth

$ 2960

My retreast can be booked from February to late April (minor dry season) and August to early December (major dry season.)

Included are:

  • transfers to Frederiksdorp and back to the airport;
  • seven days stay in a lodge;
  • daily meals;
  • daily holistictherapy;
  • two masages;
  • one spirtual bath;
  • your personal journal;
  • one afternoon dolphin spotting and sight seeing.
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