How did the Avans Method come about?

    It was a gradual process. During sessions with clients I sometimes encountered issues, of which it was not clear what to do with them. My intuition, the knowledge and skills that are stored deep within me and from my ancestors, just as is the case with you, have ultimately led to the successful Avans Method.

    How does The Avans Method work?

    It is a method that may or may not be used in hypnosis. And why? Because hypnosis is actually a natural state. Your problem will be solved peacefully at the root/the origin. That is the power of the Avans Method, and also the essence, doing what really needs to be done to solve the problem.

    What does this method get you?

    You and your client gain insight into your client’s problems. The Avans Method quickly gets to the root of the problem and solves it without too much effort. It is a short but thorough protocol that seems simple but has a big impact. It’s a hypnosis tool that you really should have in your toolbox

    Why The Avans Method?

    In recent years I have followed quite a few hypnosis trainings. A lot of the hypnosis training does what it should do, but in my opinion there was more. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but deep down I knew there was more.

    The Avans Method is, because of its simplicity and power, a fast and powerful method. Just like how a hypnosis session should be, essentially simple and powerful, that’s why it works.


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