Authentis speaker

    “ Natural Born Speaker”, is the compliment I once received. And if by that she means that my speaking engagements are authentic, then this is correct, I can’t help but be myself.

    I don’t talk, I speak…

    So , if you are you looking for a speaker with humour, enough self-mockery during the presentation and a clear message? I am open, I connect and I am passionate about speaking.

    Favorite topics

    – Discover your purpose, life intention or soul mission.
    – Connection with yourself.
    – Learn to trust your inner knowing.

    I speak from my Why , my answers.

    The common thread is that we carry all the answers within ourselves. No learned tricks to hold the audience’s attention, no cards in my hand, nope.

    With my heart in my hand, my story flows to the heart of your audience. That’s how I connect. There will be recognition, acknowledgment and confirmation.


    Phone: +31 30 221 8531

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