No, on the contrary what some people think, it is not some form of mind control, but completely voluntary. The method I use, The Avans Method, induces you into a relaxation state, so you can become more connected with yourself without judging. It is soothing and you will be amazed at the tranquility you will experience.

    No, hypnosis is certainly suitable for children precisely because they are not yet conditioned that way. Children are great candidates for hypnosis.  They are open to suggestions and are very playful about them. And the more light-hearted the parents deal with this, the better the more open the child will be for suggestions.

    It’s normal, especially if you’re going into hypnosis for the first time. It’s probably fear of the unknown. Fear that you will be confronted with the unknown. But it’s this fear that keeps you from jumping into seven locks at once.

    Just indicate that you are afraid, I will take that into account and we will not start until you are “ready”.

    You can schedule an appointment by sending me a Whatsapp. We will then quickly contact you by phone to schedule your session.

    All hypnosis, is self hypnosis. It’s actually you who are allowing yourself to relax. So you will not lose contro, you will go as deep into hypnosis as you need to. Some clients are amazed that they can still hear my voice and therefore think they are not gone. When retrieved, they realise how deep they were.

    Hypnosis isn’t traumatic, the way I work, least of all. If you have traumatic experiences, they may be traumatic on consious level, but not in hypnosis. Think of it as a natural anaesthetic produced by your body. That’s why hypnosis is so wonderful for healing.

    If it is important for your healing you will go back to past lives. Otherwise not. Although I understand that there is interest in what has been.

    You generally remain aware of and remember what happens during hypnosis. But how nice will it be to let go completely so
    that the better part of you can do all the work for you at rest?

    You should notice that your breathing has slown down and most of your muscles have become relaxed. Your mind will probably be calm and quiet and you will sleep better. Some clients will sometimes sense an uplifting, euphoric feeling that lasts for hours or days afterwards. Others will only notice changes after weeks.

    Each person’s experience of hypnosis is vastly unique. It depends on the state you were in, which range from light hypnosis to deep. Some clients experience all three stages alpha, theta and delta in diffrent order during their session.

    Some people remember the whole session and others don’t or miss parts.

    This depends on your problem. I know clients who have been helped with one session and others with several, usually two to three. But this depends on the extent to which you are bothered by your problem and how long you have been dealing with it.


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