Empty back pack

One of the goals of hypnosis is, among many other things, is to figuratively speaking empty your emotional backpack. By re-evaluate or transform what still belongs to you, so that you have less or no trouble with it in the future. But what when there is nothing left in your backpack, when everything has already been re-evaluated, evaluated or transformed? What does that say about you?

Today a woman came to me for a hypnosis session. She came to me because she heard about my way of working. In the pre-talk and she mentioned that she had already did a lot on personal development, but you never know. For all you know, something may be still hiding in your little pinky toe, right? You never know.

And that’s exactly the power of my online sessions; all painful issues are detected and transformed without you having to say a word about how, why and or when. Your issues, negative emotions and experiences are private.

 You will work on your negative emotions and experiences without feelings of shame or guilt. My role is to guide you in this, to check if you are relaxed enough to do the work, and if you still feel comfortable.

Well, the first phase of her treatment, getting in to hypnosis was a piece of cake. She could relax and followed my instructions very well, which brought her into the right “flow”. She went in so fast, with so much pleasure and trust that I thought she closed her eyes to please me.

In the second phase, in which the change work takes place, you are expected to look for experiences that have made a deep impression so that you can transform, re-evaluate and/or evaluate them. However, this beautiful woman could not find anything sad and or traumas. No one! She had only known beautiful moments, how wonderful is that?

Her super concious mind answered before I asked the questions. She did so much work on herself that the session was finished sooner than expected. What normally takes two to three hours, was finished within an hour and a half. When she came out of hypnosis we she told me that she has been working on herself for seventeen years.

Hypnosis is not only healing, sometimes it’s complementary and confirming…